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I am Violeta Araya

I am a mother, grandmother and healer from the soul. Originating from the Andes Mountains in Chile, I have practised shamanism and ‘journey drumming’ for more than twenty years & have participated in ceremonies with indigenous people from many diverse cultures. My passion is service and mentoring, re-establishing love and peace for people and this planet.

I offer an inspirational, professional and heart connected space where a variety of holistic, healing or conscious awareness activities can assist you to connect & align with your soul, and from your soul level, generate the restorative and healing processes that your body requires.

An experienced light-worker who constantly participates in events for human consciousness such as Pachamama ceremonies and healing caravans, I practice locally and overseas including Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Spain.

I have actively run for many years group healing services for diverse communities including the elderly and mentally/physically disabled.

I have facilitated and created workshops including ‘dreamers of the mountain’ and ‘andiosas’ (wise woman workshops and full moon ceremonies). I am also an active participant of ‘un mundo mejor’ (a better world) a consciousness movement that re-establishes the etheric web of the planet through planting ‘antennas’ to promote peace.

I am also the director of Manos Healing Charity which promotes natural healing/medicine in the communities utilising Sintergetica Medicine, which is a complimentary medicine born in Colombia.


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