Violeta Araya

Who I AM

Feel the Difference in Alternative Care

I am Violeta Araya.

I am a mother, grandmother and healer from the soul. Originating from the Andes Mountains in Chile, I have practised shamanism and ‘journey drumming’ for more than twenty years & have participated in ceremonies with indigenous people from many diverse cultures. My passion is service and mentoring, re-establishing love and peace for people and this planet.

What I Offer


Sintergetica Energetic Healing
Bush Flower Essence
Psychological Tarot

Feel the Difference in Alternative Care

Shamanic Journey of Self-Knowledge

Full Moon Ceremony

Healing Group


What Our Clients Say?

Alejandra Perth, 2023

Violeta has great wisdom and the gift to heal from a distance and move energies within me to improve my emotions, wellbeing and general health; every time we do a video call session. It’s like magic but its not magic, its her power of great healing. I strongly recommend her service.

Ignacio NSW, 2022

I’ve done different therapies throughout my life, also family constellations. This was no different to a room full of people. Violeta guided me through a very deep rooted issue, causing a very powerful release. This is a very powerful therapy that brought a lot of clarity though her presence and her cards. I highly recommend Violeta!

Carolina Bondi, 2023

My experiences with Violeta were simply magnificent. Really powerful. It is challenging putting in words. It is needed to take the journey, it is needed to feel to understand. Whatever brought you here to her website, it is going to keep calling you, keep attracting you over and over. Her magnetic field of healing and love is super strong. It is Universal Law. Simple math. Quantum physic. The power of attraction. Your healing is here and now. It started already. Keep going! She can help you to heal deeply from the Soul. She can help you reconnecting. She can help you to heal yourself. She holds ancient wisdom, she hold the knowledge of real medicine. Hands. Love. Touch. Light. Violeta.