Date: 28th October, 2023
Place: Maroubra Cave, near Mahon Pool.

The Full Moon is a period in which Christ and Buddha’s energies are especially available and facilitate a closer relationship between Humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Every month the energies that flow bring the specific qualities of the constellation that influences that specific month; these energies, as they are affecting Humanity, are establishing the “divine attributes” in the spiritual consciousness until they reach the minds and hearts of men and, and in this way, strengthen the bond that unites the human kingdom with the Kingdom of God.

At a Full Moon, the moon is on the opposite side of the earth and facing away from the sun. This allows a full, direct and unhindered relationship between the earth and the sun, the source of our life, of our consciousness and energy, which symbolizes the existing relationship between human personality and the soul.

The period of the Full Moon is the high tide of spiritual energies, as much as in Earth as in the world of human thought. Those who meditate on the Full Moon undertake the mental work of redemption and renewal, transforming and illuminating the inner atmosphere of human consciousness. The participation of people from many nations increases the effectiveness of this work, through meditation; the group is bigger than the sum of its parts.

The influx of spiritual energy at the time of the Full Moon is increased by the focused thought of the meditators in cooperation. This produces different effects: it reinforces the internal relationship between all human beings and also influences the relationship between humanity and the other kingdoms that coexist on this planet. Right human relationships are an indication of right relationships between man and man and between man and God; this, in turn, clears the way for the emergence of a higher quality of life.

The conscious work with these different types of spiritual energy brings inspiration and ideas within reach of human minds and hearts. Meditation, especially in a group, stimulates a new factor in human consciousness, a growing spiritual maturity. This planetary work of world service contributes to the task of spiritually civilizing planet Earth.

Group meditations are more powerful than individual ones. “When two or more meet in my name, I will be there.” The two days before and after the meditation are for preparation and reflection, respectively. The energy that is generated then finds channels for its expression in the form of progress in the conscience of Humanity.