Colombia Caravan 2009

⭐ Meditation in “Plaza de la Luz” building antennas of Light.
⭐Healing in the villages following Amaga, Fredonia, Don Matias, El Peñol and Valparaiso.
⭐Healing the country, Cerro Nutibara.

⭐Ritual, sowing of the seed of synthesis. Faculty of Arts, University of Antioquia.
⭐ Healing and Restitution of the Boyaca Bridge, Bogota.
⭐ Healing Duitama populations.
⭐Healing Villa De Leiva “sowing the seed of the new land.
⭐ Healing the past and reconciling with the present. (Inquisition Room) Cartagena.
⭐Healing in reception centers, Barranquilla.

“From the depths of the human Soul the caravan’s path unfolds. And the causes of life contained in the heart will throb in everyone and in each one will open furrows for Love to circulate again. the meeting point to officiate the sacred right to Solidarity”