Chile Caravan 2011

After the Chile earthquake and tsunami of 27/02/2010, we toured Talca, Curepto, Vichuquen, Hualañé, Duao, Iloca, Licantén, Curanipe, Pelluhue and Chanco.

✨️Día 1, 22/11/2011: Healing Talca Hospital, destroyed by the earthquake, then dinner at the Exercise House.

✨️Día 2, 23/11/2011: Ceremony began at “Cerro la Virgen” to heal the city of Talca. Then went to Curepto to heal the carers who look after bedridden patients.

✨️Día 3, 24/11/2011: In Duao went to ‘Escuelas Concentradas’ school to teach ‘Manitos’ healing. Then went to Iloca to heal a community centre, followed by healing at the municipal gym in Licantén.

✨️Day 4, 25/11/2011: Healing to the city of Constitución from Mutrun Hill.  Then went to Curanipe to teach ‘auto-care’ healing to members of the municipality.

✨️Día 5, 11/26/2011: Went to heal a camping place in Curanipe, then went to Cauquenes to do group healing at a general consultancy ‘PORONGO.’