Argentina Caravan 2010

⭐Conference “Integrative Medicine, What does Sintergetica provide?” Hospital De Clinicas.
“Jose San Martin”
⭐Restore the justice and peace in the Navy School of Mechanics (ESMA).
⭐Healing Plaza de Mayo (“Ronda de Paz,” Peace Round).
⭐Community healing in La Boca (Del Valle Iberlucea).
⭐Healing waters of the Riachuelo.
⭐Healing in Sierra de la Ventana; Tornquist, Calquín.

Caravans for life; solidarity journey composed of health professionals and holistic therapists and people of good will, providing free service and assistance to patients who require it, as well as doing activities related to the energetic healing of places historically touched by ecological disasters, human pain and violence. All as a means of contributing to the harmonization and peace of the earth!