Sintergetica Energetic Healing

Sintergetica is a comprehensive medicinal system that synthesizes wisdom from all previous modalities of medicine and healing such as Allopathy (Occidental medicine), Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathy and Shamanism. Sintergetica develops upon these modalities with technologies from quantum physics. Sintergetica not only adopts the best from all these modalities, but also resolves any seeming disparities between them. Sintergetica is designed to bring balance to the molecular, energetic and informational aspects of consciousness and the physical, mental and etheric bodies.

I currently offer this service at Natural Family Health Care Centre.

Bush Flower Essence

Using the healing properties of flower essences is an ancient art, spanning many cultures. Flower essences are safe and powerful catalysts that anyone can use. Not only do they bring clarity to the conscious mind and develop many intuitive abilities, but they also resolve negative beliefs and directly affect us at the level where we make decisions about our emotions, health, vitality and relationships. Flower essences unlock our inherent positive qualities such as love, courage and joy.


A sacred journey for soul-reconnecting and honouring Mother Earth/Father Sky, the 4 Directions and all the elements. The beat of the drum assists your journey into your inner universe to connect with your power animal, spirit guides, and your multi-dimensional being. I currently offer this service at the Origem Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Bondi Junction.

Psychological Tarot

The Tarot deck contains archetypal symbols that can be related to the analytical psychology of the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. The Tarot deck, especially the major arcana or trump cards, can be used effectively in therapy. The client, with the assistance of the therapist, conducts a reading or uses several cards to tell a story and then discusses possible meanings of the symbols in his or her own words. The therapist then relates the symbolic meanings given by the client to the client’s problem in much the same manner as in Jungian dream analysis.

Feel the Difference in Alternative Care


What Our Clients Say?

Alejandra Perth, 2023

Violeta has great wisdom and the gift to heal from a distance and move energies within me to improve my emotions, wellbeing and general health; every time we do a video call session. It’s like magic but its not magic, its her power of great healing. I strongly recommend her service.

Ignacio NSW, 2022

I’ve done different therapies throughout my life, also family constellations. This was no different to a room full of people. Violeta guided me through a very deep rooted issue, causing a very powerful release. This is a very powerful therapy that brought a lot of clarity though her presence and her cards. I highly recommend Violeta!

Carolina Bondi, 2023

My experiences with Violeta were simply magnificent. Really powerful. It is challenging putting in words. It is needed to take the journey, it is needed to feel to understand. Whatever brought you here to her website, it is going to keep calling you, keep attracting you over and over. Her magnetic field of healing and love is super strong. It is Universal Law. Simple math. Quantum physic. The power of attraction. Your healing is here and now. It started already. Keep going! She can help you to heal deeply from the Soul. She can help you reconnecting. She can help you to heal yourself. She holds ancient wisdom, she hold the knowledge of real medicine. Hands. Love. Touch. Light. Violeta.